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Online Transformative Coaching Sessions

Are you ready to perform a little
Spiritual Alchemy?

All of our emotions deserve grace - yes, even the icky-sticky ugly ones. Transformative​ ​coaching combines structure and intent with deep self exploration. It evolves consciousness for​ ​ALL beings to live freely, with connection, harmony and balance.

we don’t break down, we break open.

Transform pain, fear and anxiety into courageous action

As we trek through life, we pack on weight along the way. Memories, patterns, trauma and habits accumulate to form who we believe we are, and suddenly, we realize that’s not who we want to be.

We feel out of alignment.

We feel heavy.


Uncover your gifts and live aligned with your truest self

Identifying unconscious emotions and how it frames your perception of self is the foundation of your journey. Transformative coaching steps in to support and guide you along new paths of thinking. When we release our baggage, we open ourselves up to limitless growth.

courageous action is using that awareness to shed the dead weight and climb higher.


What to expect from 12 weeks of sessions:

Structure, connection, vulnerability and ultimately: freedom

This is an average week to week syllabus for somebody wanting to identify and transform a​ ​specific habit, emotion or energy within them.

Week 1-2

Build foundations of trust and self awareness; set coaching goals

Week 2-3

Set intents and practice vision work

Week 3-5

Identify poor habits, limiting beliefs and what’s “in the way”

Week 6-8

Clean it out! Remove baggage, lighten the mental and emotional load

Week 8-11

Build and practice the new habits and strategies

Week 12

Reflect and be present in the ways things are shifting, and how to move forward on​ ​your own

authenticity • inclusivity • vulnerability • connection • courage • honesty

"You do not just wake up and become the butterfly, growth is a process." - Rupi Kaur

Hi, I’m a soul named Valerye

Committed Student to the Bhagavad Gita and My Clients

Coaching is a collaborative effort. It’s important for me to honor humility and​ ​reciprocity in the​ ​space I hold for you. My sessions are co-designed places where no egos are allowed -​ ​especially mine.


I help you do the deep work on boundaries and communication so you can create fulfilling and​ ​satisfying relationships you didn’t even know were possible!


Are you ready to dive deeper, dream bigger, and reach higher?


The Bhagavad Gita says that our souls natural state of being is




SAT being eternal, CHIT being full of knowledge, and ANADA for bliss. 


Transformational Coaching Packages

Group and 1:1 Transformative Coaching in person or Online

I believe coaching should be accessible for everyone. Unequitable access to mental health treatment is a silent killer of historically oppressed communities. Therefore, payment plans are available to everyone for ALL my coaching packages, and I offer a 20% discount to Black, Indigenous and people of color.

One on One Online Coaching

1:1 coaching is a hyper personalized program focused on specific life areas and patterns. You want to get out of your own way and feel more connected to yourself and those around you!


12 Week Coaching Package, 1:1

- Weekly video calls

- Journal prompts and exercises between sessions

- Clear, actionable goals


Group coaching is an opportunity for self-discovery through a variety of group processes. You want to be in community, connect genuinely with others, and learn tools and strategies for living a fulfilled life.

Group Coaching

Current Dates (all online):

Oct 4th • 10:30am PST / 1:30pm EST

Self Talk Workshop for 1.5hr

Oct 29th • 10:00am PST / 1pm EST 

Being You half day Workshop for 3hr



Monthly Online Group Gatherings

- Interactive Workshops based on Specific Topics

- Ceremonies

- Share, Connect, and Learn Strategies

- 1.5 to 2 Hour Sessions


Dates: TBA Online 8 Week Program

- Every Tuesday at 11am-1pm MST

- Workbook Included

- Accountability exercises between sessions

- Tools and strategies for achieving your goal

- Qualified 30 hours for continued education through Yoga Alliance!


For more indepth information on this program check out our brochure.


Inner Compass Program

This is an online 8 week program aimed at entrepreneurs, creators, educators, yogic instructors and others seeking clarity and community to propel them toward their goals. With the Inner Compass Program, you’ll meet others focused on nurturing their gifts in service of the world, themselves and achieving financial freedom. There is a structured curriculum, workbook and we will set 30, 60, and 90 day plans. Join us to confidently create a life based on your values and goals!


Unsure if this is right for you? Just send me a message and we can have a consultation call to see if this is right for you.


How can you be sure transformational coaching is for you?

If you’re still untangling the raw, thorny bits of your emotions and totally new to therapy, you may want to consult a therapist first. Working with them to establish baseline emotional habits is a crucial place to start before pursuing transformative coaching.

Once you feel traditional therapy has plateaued, and you feel pulled toward deeper self discovery, then it’s time to reach out.




“I finally feel like I have the structure, help, and support to realize my fullest life.” – Kelsey

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