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Creating Sacred Space

Creating a sacred space lets us drop deeper into our hearts and hear the subtle messages of the divine. Creating a sacred space shifts our consciousness into a sattvic consciousness. Sattva is Sanskrit for goodness. Other words that embody sattva are clear, vital, joy, compassion, clean, peace, and so on. Sattvic consciousness is the closest we can be to God in the material realm. Creating a sacred/sattvic space facilitates self reflection and self discovery.

Ways to create a sacred space to drop into your heart:

  • Create an altar. An altar holds the energy of a conscious container and can support you in living intentionally.

  • Invite in the elements Air, Fire, Water and Earth through objects such as plants, crystals, incense, candles, and containers of local water. The elements are much more powerful than we are as humans, and can hold space for deep transformation and healing. We can bring in these physical manifestations of the elements onto our altar spaces, work spaces, or around our living space.

  • A himalayan salt lamp, other lamps, or lights that are not too bright can support softening the energy.

  • Call in the directions, elements, guides, plants, teachers, gurus, etc. that you personally work with and/or are either in relationship with or are in a process of deepening your relationship with.

  • Be in prayer as you are creating the space. What is your intention and prayer for creating a sacred space?

  • Invite in sacred sound either through chanting, singing, or music.

  • Set up pictures of God/Krishna, incarnations of God, Jesus, goddesses, bona fide spiritual masters, deities, and/or any other spiritual beings you are in relationship with.

Exercises to drop into your sacred heart:

  • Bring awareness to the root of your tailbone, soften your hips, feel the Earth below you, and deepen your exhale.

  • Say “I’m Here”... “I’m here”.

  • Pause and bring your awareness into your breath.

  • Be with cacao, kava or any other plant that brings you deeper into your heart.

  • Put your hand on your heart and feel your heartbeat .

  • Pull a tarot or oracle card.

  • Light incense with an intention.

  • Light a candle with an intention.

  • Be in prayer.

  • Chant japa.

  • Practice deep belly breathing.

  • Practice heart coherence breath .

  • Create intentions.

  • Journal about your process, experience or realizations.


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