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Nourishment for the Fall Season

If you’re an outdoor guide, instructor, teacher or enthusiast, you probably have just had a very busy and full Summer. Shoulder season awaits. Maybe you’re taking things slow this Fall. Maybe you’re working part time, or maybe a full schedule. Maybe you are piecing work together. Perhaps you plan to get outside a lot, or travel this season. Perhaps you are in transition and feel confused about the next steps to take.

Either way, there is a lot to decompress from this Summer season. I imagine you’re exhausted and depleted and are in need for some deep nourishment and revitalization, to move forward.

Here are some herbs, practices and reflections to support you to let go of what you have been carrying this Summer, and to fill your reservoir back up.


Nettles - You can think of her little prickly needles as scraping out all the gunk in your system, and double whammy filling you up with all sorts of vitamins and minerals. Nettles are deeply nourishing to the system and highly nutritious.

Oat straw - is a regenerative and nourishing herb. She is full of vitamins and minerals. Oat straw calms and strengthens the nervous system.

Burdock - is deeply grounding and holds a gentle masculine energy. Burdock's roots go deep. This herb is especially supportive during the Fall season, to shift out of the busyness and go, go, go of the Summer, and into a more regulated and calm state of being. Burdock also has so many nourishing qualities, vitamins, minerals, to fill up your cup.

If your body is acting from a nutrient depleted state, that will definitely affect your behaviors and emotional and mental well being.

Imagine if your whole body was full of all the nutrients you needed. You would be then acting from a place of fullness, overflowing with energy to give.

Where you can buy them

You can find these herbs, most likely, at a natural food store in their bulk herbal section. You can also buy them online at various online stores. Mountain Rose Herbs being one of the stores.

How to make

These herbs are best to drink first thing in the morning. Pour the herbs to fill the palm of your hand, put the herbs in a 32oz jar, or Nalgene. Let them soak over night, The qualities of the nourishing herbs are most extracted when soaked for 4+ hours. The next morning, strain the herbs into your favorite mug, jar, or Nalgene. The easiest and cleanest way to strain would be to use a tea strainer, that you could also, most likely, buy at a local food store. And if you are on a tight budget, well, you’ve got your outdoor skills to help you problem solve this one.


  • Put your hand on your heart right when you wake up, check in, say good morning

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Be in nature without trying to conquer a mountain, or beat your last speed record. Be in nature, to simply connect. Connect with the wind, the sun, the plants around you, the rock, the trees, the insects. Whats happening that you miss out on when you are moving so fast? What can you notice now that you usually don’t?

  • Breathe. Consciously.

    • Be aware of your natural inhales and exhales without changing your breath.

    • Count the seconds of your inhale, and the second of your exhale. Bring your inhale and exhale to an equal count - inhaling for 5 seconds, exhaling for 5 seconds. Do this for at least two minutes and see what happens for you.

    • Box breathing - inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, exhale for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds.

    • Durga breath - 3 part breath. Breathe into your belly, then abdomen, then chest. Exhale chest first, keeping belly full, then out the diaphragm, then belly, drawing your naval towards your spine. Let this breath move through you like a wave.

  • Make your bed in the morning

  • Pause

  • Walk barefoot

  • Be in the question “What would be most nourishing to me right now?”.


In the Fall season, the plants start to die back, sending their energy into themselves, and into the soil. The garden is getting ready for a winter of rest.

Naturally, what aspects of your life are starting to die off?

What responsibilities can you let go of?

What in your life wants more space?

What practices can you engage in that would be nourishing for you? Who in your life nourishes your soul?

What are you harvesting? What are you celebrating?

What are you taking with you from this Summer season and what are you leaving behind?

What are your intentions for this next season?

What are your goals?


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