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Assumptions and Belief Barriers

It's a principle of creation that things go from subtle to gross.

What if you created your life intentionally, rather than accidentally?

It's through challenging our assumptions and beliefs, that we can grow, and experience transformation of the heart. When we look at our assumptions squarely and concretely, we can determine if they are actually working for us. When we are conscious of our assumptions is when we have choice.

Here is a story of someone overcoming belief barriers -

Cliff Young was a 61 year-old sheepherder and potato farmer, and he decided to enter into a 544-mile race from Sydney to Melbourne. He has never raced before. He shows up in his overalls and galoshes with the world's most legendary runners. Standing among the professional runners in their running clothes and running shoes, he was regarded as a laughingstock. To make it through the first day would be impressive.... To make it through the whole race would be considered incredible.. Not only did he make it through the first day, he won. Not only did he win, he won by a day and a half..

How?! Well the highly trained and experienced runners knew that the best way to race was to run for 18 hours, sleep for 6, run for 18, sleep for 6. Cliff Young, clueless about this unquestioned strategy, just kept running through the night. Since then, runners have learned that to win a race you have to run day and night. They had to unlearn what they knew.

Examining our assumptions weakens their ability to restrict our life, and gives us openness to opportunities we didn't even know were possible.

You may have heard of the 4 mile race. It used to be believed that it wasn't humanly possible to run a mile in 4 minutes. And then one person did it... The next year 37 people did it. The next year 300 people did it!! It wasn't a physical barrier. It was a belief barrier.

What are some of your belief barriers that you are holding onto? What are you telling yourself, about yourself, about wealth, about relationships, career, commitment, and happiness?

What is happening externally is a reflection of what is happening internally.

So if I think wealthy people are greedy, selfish, evil and manipulated, that means I will never be wealthy because if I am wealthy then I will be greedy, selfish, evil and manipulative.

Perhaps I maintain the belief that "I am unworthy". Because subtle thoughts lead to physical manifestation, I will create situations that confirm and validate my sense of not being worthy.

Exploring belief barriers is an examination of self-communication.

"The real act of discovery consists not in finding new lands but in seeing with new eyes". - French novelist Marcel Proust


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